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DSC04301While we are talking about restaurants in Chicago, why not include one more. On my last visit to Chicago, A and I randomly ended up going to Olive Mediterranean Grill. We were really hungry, but we didn’t want to spend too much time. We had a solid 6 hours drive back to Minneapolis. So we wanted something quick. But quick does not have to be a greasy patty in a bun. It can come in the form of nicely grilled meat in a pita bread with lots of savory sides!

The whole idea of this place is you order at the counter like in Chipotle. You tell them what you want from the menu and choose sides. We got Mediterranean Chicken and Steak Shawarma with side of tabouli, greek salad, baba ganoush and hummus.




DSC04297Both the meat were really well cooked and very soft. I liked the chicken better than steak just because it was spicier than steak. Steak felt like it was cooked in a traditional wood fire oven and cut into thin slices. It had the smokiness to it. I also loved how both pita sandwich came with a bedding of couscous. Not blowing trumpets here but I think I prefer my couscous over this one. Nothing wrong, just the preference. I tilt more towards spicier food 🙂

Overall this is another place where you get bang for your buck! Fast, easy and non greasy! I feel like we need more places like this in Twin Cities area where you don’t have to wait to get a decent meal. So Olive Mediterranean…if you reading this post, please do consider opening a branch in Twin Cities too! I am sure a lot of people will enjoy it.

Have you been to Olive Mediterranean Grill? How has your experience been?

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