Firehouse Subs – Richfield, MN

DSC00210When A gets excited about anything other than cars or anything remotely related to engines, it has got to be interesting. A knows pretty well that I don’t like subs or sandwiches very much but he guaranteed that I will like this new sub place that goes by the name, Firehouse Subs!

Now I don’t know what the connection is between a firehouse and a sub is but the whole place is designed around the firehouse. Random hard hats, boots and water hose hung as decoration. Apparently two firemen started this restaurant but I have to yet figure why a sub place. Also I also don’t under the connection between Dalmatian patterns tables and the whole restaurant theme. But I can assure that they make a fun background for food photography!

As per A’s recommendation I got number 10, Smokehouse Beef and Cheddar Brisket. The speciality of this sub is they claim the meat has been smoked for more than 16 hours. I can definitely tell that the meat has been cooked for a long time by the texture and the flavor of it. It was for sure different from your regular sub restaurants.Very juicy and flavorful. One thing though, the BBQ sauce can make it really hard to eat. It is nearly impossible to finish it without dripping or dropping anything. Subs were long too. So if you are not really hungry, you can easily share a sub.

And just to be healthy and have some greens, we decided to get salad. No further comment required!DSC00213

Have you been to any of the Firehouse Sub locations?

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    I’m not a much of a sub person either, but this place looks worth checking out!

    As far as why the tables have Dalmatian patterns, in the U.S. Dalmatians were used as firehouse dogs dating back to the days when fire engines were horse-drawn carts. You still sometimes see them as firehouse pets/mascots.

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