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DSC00316yum! Kitchen and Bakery is one of those restaurants that looks really cute from outside (and inside as well) and also the one that is really easy to miss. It  is located right where Lake street splits into Minnetonka boulevard and highway 7. Yup, right at the spot and time when you are making decision which road to take and before you finish deciding, you have already passed this restaurant. Enough about the location and let’s talk about the food.


DSC00309I had Hugo’s Baja Mahi tacos. I have really been into seafood tacos lately.  These were soft tacos and I believe there were about 3 corn tortillas. You basically make your own tacos which I liked. You can control how big or small you want your tacos. Sometimes the tacos the restaurant makes for you are very big and equally uneasy to eat. Ingredients keep falling from the side and top and you end up eating like a salad instead of taco. Another thing that I liked that a lot of people wouldn’t even notice is, they give two lime wedges instead of one 😀 It is pretty bizarre thing to comment/notice but single wedge of lime is never enough… at least for me!


DSC00306A got grilled chicken club sandwich which came with avocados and bacon. A wasn’t feeling bread it usually comes with so he asked if he could get it on a regular bread. They were nice enough to make the change in the sandwich. I found the grilled chicken pretty moist and not dry at all. We both like the potato crisps a lot! They were thin and very crunchy!

DSC00312Avocado, bacon, chicken goodness!

DSC00314A random cart with gifts and collectibles.

DSC00315It is funny how the restaurant looks empty in this picture but when we arrived there, there was a long line to order food. On top of that every table was occupied.

DSC00304yum! was definitely yum! I loved how close this is to uptown area. So you can easily come here after evening walks or before your walks around the lake. Parking wasn’t an issue as they have their own parking space. They also have outdoor seating which I think will be fun in days like yesterday or today (YAY 85F!) They do have umbrellas for those who are worried about too much sun. Food didn’t take that long to arrive either despite the fact that there was a long line and for once I liked the club sandwich which is a big thing. Trust me 🙂

Finally, will I come here again? YES! It is centrally located and you don’t have to worry about parking plus they have outdoor seating. One more thing–> they have a bakery inside so if you not feeling like eating a whole meal, you can always stop by for some coffee and pastries!

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