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I found out about Marché last year when someone posted a picture of it on social media as one of the most Instagrammable cafe in town. That title really caught my attention and lets be honest, who doesn’t like pretty places. Marché definitely has a beautiful space. It has an open layout with a wet bar in the middle. It also appears to be lobby for an apartment complex which makes it weirdly interesting. Since we are talking about the interior, I have to mention that I might have found my favorite chair, the tufted turquoise chairs. (See pictures below) So cute and comfortable at the same time. I would buy it from the restaurant if they sell it to me!

Anyways moving on to a more serious topic – Food.


DSC05788Given the fact that I just had lunch I wasn’t really hungry but then I couldn’t resist pain au chocolat they had under their display. It was a perfect combination for my cafe au lait. All of Marche’s pastries are from Patisserie 46 and if you have ever tried Patisserie 46, you know their baked goods don’t disappoint. Their coffee is created by a local roaster called B+W speciality coffee. I have never heard of them before but I did like my drink.

DSC05792I ended up staying at the cafe for pretty long. I got a lot of reading done for my class. So I ended up getting something to eat. I heard good things about their salad and Croque Monsieur. I ended up getting a beet salad.

I didn’t quite like the salad.

If you have been following me, you would know that I am not a huge fan of goat cheese, goat meat or lamb. The salad came with goat cheese. I know a lot of people love goat cheese and for them, this salad would be heaven because there was so much goat cheese. Other than the goat cheese issue, the salad was good. Everything was fresh. The greens were crispy. Beets were soft and juicy. I just wish they had mentioned goat cheese under the salad description.

DSC05791Marble table, turquoise chairs and matching turquoise fireplace.

DSC05790Overall, I liked this place. It is very quiet and there aren’t a lot of people. So if you really need to get some work done, this is the place to come. Food overall was good although goat cheese was not my favorite. I felt like the service was a bit slow. It took them almost 15-20 minutes get make my cafe au lait and there was hardly anyone in the cafe. At one point I even thought they forgot about my drink. And finally one thing I really didn’t like – the plastic plates! All my food came in plastic plates. Something I cringed about when I got my pain au chocolat and salad. I wish they had used proper plates instead of plastic or paper plates. Hey it is good for the environment too!

Taking everything in account, this is a pretty neat place! Now make a visit 🙂

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