Top 3 places to try at Midtown Global Market

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Midtown Global Market is one of the hidden gems in Twin Cities. Midtown Global Market for me feels like a bigger version of a food court but with better food. There are so many food vendors under one roof. You can find food originating from all over the world from Africa to Asia to Latin America to Europe. There is even a brewery inside. So it definitely caters to a lot of different palette. However if I had to pick my favorites, the following 3 would definitely top the list.

Moroccan Flavors


20170311_180403First on the list is Moroccan Flavors. This is one of my favorite places to eat without a doubt. My friend Fatima, introduced to this place and she reckons this is one of the best places to find Moroccan cuisines. My favorite being the Beef Tagine with turmeric rice and the Moroccan mint tea!

Taco Cat


DSC07955There are many places you can get tacos from but no one does it like Taco Cat. Taco Cat is probably one of the best places to get tacos in Twin Cities. What is even better is the fact they deliver…in bikes!

Safari Express


DSC07953If you are craving for East African flavors, I highly recommend Safari Express. Not only the food is good, the owner is very friendly and nice! They also serve Camel burger, if you are feeling adventurous! I recommend the spicy rice bowl if you can take the heat!

Honorable mentions:

Hip Indian
DSC07956DSC07957The spicy chutney is divine. A dollar off if you can do a Bollywood move.

Mapps Coffee & Tea
DSC07961 If all that food makes you fall asleep, there’s coffee!

Salty Tart
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And if sugar is your thing, Salty Tart has a wide selection of baked goods.


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    Dining Duster

    Oh my gosh- you make me want to go there right now!

    • Reply June 19, 2017


      My go-to place when I can’t decide what to eat 😀

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