Thanksgiving for Those Who Don’t Want to Cook

One of the greatest American holidays of all times, Thanksgiving is upon us. That one day in a year when it is totally okay to stuff your face with food without getting judged by anyone. It is a day of culinary marathon, for both who is hosting and the guest consuming.  But not everyone wants to cook and frankly sometimes you don’t have any place to go either. So for those people who dread being in the kitchen for half of the day or those who don’t have plans to go anywhere or those who just want to try something non-traditional, I have compiled a list of restaurants in Minneapolis that will be open on Thanksgiving Day. Hope this post saves some your time and sanity in kitchen! You are welcome!

French Meadow:

French Meadow is one my personal favorite places to dine. It caters to all my needs: lunch, brunch, dinner, late night random coffee/pastry cravings, outdoor seating, indoor, formal dining, you name it and they got it covered. Thanksgiving day is no exception. As a matter of fact, serving holiday meal during Thanksgiving day has been a tradition at French Meadow. Holiday meal will be served between the hours of 1:30 PM – 6:00PM in Minneapolis location and 2:00PM – 6:00PM at their St. Paul location. Detail menu can be found here.


Lela at Sheraton Bloomington will be open on Thanksgiving day serving Thanksgiving buffet between the hours of 11:00 AM –  5:00 PM. Cost is $39 for adults and $10 for 12 and under and  for $10 more you can get bottomless beverages. Now who does not want that?! For more detailed menu, click here.

Milwaukee Road:

I recently dined at Milwaukee Road and was blown away by Chef Hammer’s creation. Milwaukee Road restaurant will be providing seasonal creation as a part of their Thanksgiving dinner. Cost for adult is $28 and $10 for children. Service begins 11:00 AM. More details on the menu can be found here.


One of my favorite restaurants, Tullibee will be open on Thanksgiving Day! Tullibee will serving a special 3 -course meal starting at 2:00PM  till 7:30PM. Tullibee will also be open for brunch from 6:30AM till 1:30PM. Holiday special meal will be $35 per person! For more information on the 3-course meal check this link here.

Manny’s Steakhouse:

For those seeking an unconventional Thanksgiving meal, try Manny’s Steakhouse. Although they won’t be serving turkey, they will surely make you happy with their famous steaks! If you didn’t know Manny’s Steakhouse is open everyday of the year. Manny’s Steakhouse will be open from 6:30AM till 9:00PM on Thanksgiving day.

Birchwood Café:

Birchwood Café isn’t open on Thanksgiving day but they will be serving a special Thanksgiving Benedict all weekend with flavors like sage-thyme hollandaise and cranberry gastrique.  I had to include this information because I love going to Birchwood especially for their Peri Peri sauce. I have bought many bottles of that sauce. So good! And I am pretty sure their Thanksgiving special will be equally good! 

Please do let me know how you plan to celebrate your Thanksgiving Day! As for me, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year somewhere warm!

Happy Almost Turkey Day!


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    This is helpful as I am not a very traditional person and love to eat out on holidays.

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      Thank you! I hope it comes in handy!

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