Gift Guide for a Foodie

Since a lot of people on the internet are doing gift guides, I thought why not create one that is geared towards a  foodie! I thought of couple of my foodie friends and of course myself what they or I would love to receive as gifts. These are the things I came up with.

Let’s start with the most easiest and obvious one!

Gift Cards to a coffee shop. This might be one of the easiest gifts to give to any coffee lover. Find out what their favorite coffee shop is and buy a gift card from them. Add a bag of coffee bean or a merchandise like a cool mug to make it special. If your foodie has multiple favorite coffee shops, buy a couple of gift cards with smaller amounts so that they can enjoy all their favorites.

Buy a 3 course dinner voucher for two at their favorite restaurant or the one they have been wanting to go. My sister and brother in law gave me a dinner voucher for my birthday couple of years ago. They knew I loved trying new restaurants. This was a perfect gift. Even better if you can get them a chef’s table! If your foodie is going on a vacation, find out a cool place to dine at their holiday destination. This will definitely save them some time from their holiday planning. I guarantee you they will appreciate your time and effort! No one likes stressful holidays!

Swiss Knife. Because you never know when your foodie friend will find that perfect salami that he/she can wait to eat right then and there! Hence Swiss knife! Victorinox just release a special Christmas edition of their medium knife and it is just beautiful! Check it out for yourself here. You can also have it engraved with their initial to make it extra special.

Marble Pastry Board. This marble pastry board not only looks good in the kitchen but has multiple uses. Apart from using it as a pastry slab, it also makes a perfect backdrop for Instagram photos of foods that your foodie friend will be cooking and sharing to the world! You know….#aesthetics

Yoga mat. When you love food, working out just becomes a reason to eat more. Why not get them a yoga mat that actually tells what is in their hearts. This particular one from Amazon is really clever with their words and cute at the same time!

Cookbooks are one of my guilty pleasures. I know you can find almost any recipe online these days but there is a charm in flipping through a cookbook to decide dinner. This particular one, Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe is not only a brilliant cookbook but also makes a beautiful coffee table book. This is definitely one of my prettiest cookbooks I own. Eataly is another one I want to own. I might gift it to myself. No shame at all!

Foodie Dice when you want a little twist to your regular meal. This is basically gambling with your dinner but until you gamble and take the risk, you will never know what you will get, right?  This will be a fun little thing to give to your foodie.

Food that taste good does not always smell good! Candles come in handy at times like this. I am currently loving these candles by Illume, especially the Moroccan Mint ones. Illume is also a Minnesota based company which makes me like their candles even more. No sponsorship here. Just pure love!

Most of the foodies are good at cooking as well and every chef (professional or not/ disaster or not) needs a good Linen Apron. This one from Etsy is my favorite!

One of my favorite places to shop is Madewell and they just brought these really cute Madewell x Milk Bar Cookie Pocket Tees. I am pretty sure anyone who loves cookies will love this too! Absolutely adorable!

I love cheese! As a matter of fact Ananta and I both are huge cheese fans. We always have some kind of cheese in our house. Subscription to something like Cheese of the Month Club is perfect for people who love cheese. Every 2nd Thursday of the month, 3 different kinds of cheese is delivered. So your foodie friend will never be out of cheese!

When you have 3  different kinds of cheese in the house, you also need a fun Cheese Grater. This beechwood cheese curler creates thin cheese curls. This grater can also be used to cut thin chocolate slices!

Tea set. Just like cheese we are big tea drinkers as well. At any given day, we consume at-least 1-2 cups of tea a day. I especially love trying out new tea. My current favorite is from Tea Forte. I have a gift set from them along with their ceramic tumbler which has changed the way we drink tea. It has made making tea so much easier.  Currently I am eyeing on getting one of their cafe cups.

Portable cutlery. If your foodie is a globetrotter as well, then this portable silverware in a pouch will be a perfect thing to gift! Sometimes you just need your own cutlery!

If you fancy something high end, how about this Thermal Backpack. There are many types of cooler bags but this Wild Journey Cooler Backpack created by Berluti in collaboration with Krug Champagne is just that extra cool but it does come with a hefty price of $6500!

Since we are talking about being fancy, how about a Caviar gift set? This particular one from William Sonoma comes with a mother of pearl spoon!

If your foodie is into DIY, this Kombucha Brewing Kit could be perfect! It comes with a glass jar to do all the prep.

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