Holy Guacamole!



Who would have ever thought I would start liking avocados! Apparently I love avocado salsa aka guacamole! And you will love it too if you try it. Here is a recipe for a healthy snack or a quick appetizer for your next house party!

2 avocados
1 chopped tomato (the more finely chopped the better but NOT blended!)
1/2 very finely chopped medium onion (try to make it fine…no one wants to eat raw onion pieces!)
2 green Serrano peppers, chopped
1 large lemon
Salt to taste

– Peel the cover off the avocados and take the seed out and put it in a bowl. Click here for an easy instruction to cut and get the seed off this fruit.
– Mix the remaining ingredients and mash the avocado with the ingredients till there is very minimal lumps.
– Finally get some tortilla chips and dip in your guacamole salsa and enjoy!

Note: You can always increase the amount of salt or lemon or any other ingredients according to your taste. I did add some red chili powder to make it a little spicier. But it all depends on your taste. Another fun thing to try this,  will be with mini pretzels. It tastes just normal as if you were supposed to eat pretzels with guacamole….yeah that normal 🙂

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