Sunday lunch at Himalayan Restaurant – Minneapolis

This past Sunday, few of my friends and I went for quick-lunch at one of my favorite Nepali restaurants, Himalayan. A quick-lunch turned into a full-fledged meal once we started ordering. Since I am from Nepal, whenever people ask me about Nepali food I usually take them here. In my opinion this is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. You may say I am biased but hey it has a 95% rating in Urban Spoon! πŸ™‚

Since this was a first time for my friends at this restaurant, I helped them with the order. And here is a picture of everything that we ordered! These photos just do not do justice to the taste of the food!


Lunch at Himalayan restaurant, Minneapolis

Clockwise from top right: Mula ko achar, Plain Naan, Chicken Chhwayla, Aloo Tama, Bhenda ko masu, Palak Paneer

This is definitely my recommended food items from the menu. We also ordered momos which is basically steamed dumplings (but way better than the ones you find in Chinese restaurant). But we were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture them. Momos were the first item to arrive on our table and they went down fast. And now I will do my best to give a short description of all the food in the picture above.

Mula ko achar is basically shredded radish with some spices. It is supposed to help you with your digestion.

Plain Naan is as all of you know pita like bread.

Chicken Chhwayla is either boiled or oven roasted chicken mixed with a variety of spices. It is usually consumed as an appetizer. My father would probably eat them with some whisky on the rocks πŸ˜€

Aloo Tama from Himalayan restaurant was voted the best soup in Minneapolis!!! It is basically a soup made out of potatoes, bamboo shoot and black-eyed peas and of course the spices.

Bhenda ko Masu is basically lamb curry!

And finally Palak Paneer is a curry made out of cheese and spinach. It sounds like an odd combination but it is just awesome. The taste is just rich and creamy and melts right in your mouth.

Another thing I like about this restaurant is the decoration and the ambience as a whole. The restaurant is decorated with a lot of paintings and small items from Nepal. They always have the nicest folk music playing in the background. And I should tell you the owner is a very nice guy. He will check on you to see if everything is fine but not in an annoying way. He will make sure that you leave with a feeling good. You don’t have to take my word. Just check the owner’s interaction with everyone that visit the restaurant.

Here the link to the restaurant for more information!

Himalayan Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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