Rachael Ray’s Roasted Garlic Chicken

Rachel_Ray_2_tytbEating out saves a lot time but eating out daily starts to become a money pit. That is why I try to cook as much as possible whenever I can but I never know what to cook. I usually surf the web to see if there is anything interesting with a high user rating I can try out. However this time my dinner recipe came from a tv show. I was watching an old episode from Rachel Ray and she prepared something out of food items that I would not have thought of using together: chicken, bread and salad together as one food item! Somehow at the end, it looked like they were meant to be together and it tasted absolutely fine! I got the taste of the crusty bread along with the soft chicken and fresh spicy arugula greens in one bite.

Rachel Ray didn’t post the recipe for salad or the bread on her website so I will post it on my own words but here is the link to the recipe for the chicken from her website.

For bread, just toast a piece of French baguette and spread some butter on it.

For salad, use arugula. Sprinkle it with some salt and some black pepper. I used lemon pepper for mine. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and drizzle a good amount of extra virgin olive oil. Mix it well.

For the presentation, place the piece of bread on a plate and then add a piece of chicken and then top it off with salad and you are done!


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