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DSC05856The past few years have been really good for Minnesota. Minnesota has been ranking # 1 in a lot of different categories. St Paul’s Rice park was voted the most romantic place in North America. Cities like Eden Prairie and Maple Grove frequently tops the list of best places to live. Recently Minnesota was voted as the top state for business. Minneapolis ranked number 1 as the most literate city by USA Today pushing Washington DC to second position. And how can we forget Minneapolis voted as the top bike friendly city as well as the healthiest city in America! Those are some brag-worthy titles right there! But despite being ranked the healthiest city, I am a little surprised that there aren’t many places where you can get fresh cold press juices and smoothies. I believe there are only 3 in Minneapolis and Truce is one of them.

DSC05859Since I write about restaurants, I find myself constantly eating out which we all know is not good for your body (and your wallet). So I try to balance out whenever I eat at home. I try to eat clean and juice whenever possible just to restart my digestive system. Although I make my own smoothies and juices at home, there are times when I can’t and places like Truce come in really handy.

During my recent trip to Truce, I grabbed their Cinnamon Spiced Cashew Milk, Charcoal Lemonade along with a Cacao Chia pudding.

DSC05872I have this love hate relationship with Cashew Milk kind of drink or anything that resembles the taste of Soy milk. I don’t know if I like it or not. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either. If someone tells me to drink it, I will drink it without question but this is definitely not my first drink of choice. Cinnamon Spiced Cashew Milk was similar for me. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either but I think Cinnamon and a bit of sea salt in the drink makes it more appealing than just a regular cashew milk. Also the thought that this is healthy and good for you makes you want to drink it 🙂 The lady at the counter suggested drinking alone or using it in a smoothie. I just drank it alone as a breakfast item. It was pretty filling.

DSC05873I will be honest, I bought Charcoal lemonade just because drinking charcoal sounded fun. After few sips, I have become a fan. I actually really like how it taste. There is something very refreshing about this drink apart from the fact that this is actually a lemonade minus the sugar. This drink contains activated charcoal along with lemon, apple and ginger. Activated charcoal has many good properties. It is used to treat poisoning, hangover and according to WebMd it is also used to treat bile flow problems during pregnancy! Likewise charcoal mixed with lemon helps with digestion and boosts your metabolism. What I am trying to say is this drink not just taste good but actually has some good properties.

truce_collage1Next on the list is the Chia pudding. I picked up the Chia Pudding because I wanted to try Cacao Granola. The chia pudding itself contained pomegranate seeds and cacao granola which was kept separate from pudding in a different container. I like the fact that they kept it separate like that. Nobody likes soggy granola!! There wasn’t much in the container but it was pretty filling. Besides you can’t and shouldn’t eat too much chia seeds. So the portion size for this chia pudding was probably just right. I loved the overall combination of crunchy sweet cacao granola with juicy pomegranate seeds and slight pearly texture of chia. It is very light yet very filling!

DSC05857Overall I loved Truce not because there aren’t many smoothie/juice places to choose from but because I actually like their products. I loved all three purchases I made at Truce and have nothing bad to say. Price point is a little on the higher end but this is expected from an all natural organic cold press juice bar. I wish I could stock up my refrigerator with these juices but the shelf life for most Truce juices are only 3 days. So you really can’t buy too many unless you are doing a total cleanse. One think I really wish they could change was their opening hours. It is open only till 5pm everyday. This store hours for lack of better words kind of sucks for people who have 9 to 5 jobs like mine. They are not open yet when you go to work in the morning and are already closed when you leave from work. I feel a lot of people will benefit if they make their opening hours a little longer. And finally one more thing from my list of wishes for this place; I really really wish they had a bigger space. Truce is located in such a good neighborhood and the store itself has a nice relaxing environment. It would be really nice if there were more seating area so that people can actually sit and enjoy their juice or pudding while at the shop. 

Apart from juices, smoothies and puddings, Truce also sells  a variety of soups, Acai bowls, salads and lights snacks.

Have you been to Truce lately? Please share your thoughts?

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***Update (February 12th 2016) – Truce is open from 7am till 5pm Monday to Friday

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