Fitness Files Week 1: 21 days fix

fitness-file-week-1Week 1 has been extremely difficult from loosing motivation to coach getting ill. If I had to rate myself on how I kept up with my commitment, I would give 8/10.

I started off really well. I went to circuit class on Monday and then Yoga Sculpt on Tuesday. My coach got sick on Wednesday and cancelled both Wednesday and Thursday classes. So to compensate, I completed a fitness blender video and did light yoga on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I was back to the gym with strength training class. Then everything sort of fell apart over the weekend. I had guests staying with us over the weekend. So I found myself making thousands of excuses not to work out. I didn’t do any kind of exercise over the weekend except walking around the city a lot.

To sum up my first week of 21 days fix, I think I did pretty okay. I didn’t do very well but I got a good start and to some extend continued it as well. Honestly this was hard. From exercising once in two weeks to working out five days a week was definitely difficult especially for a person  who does not like working out. I am also realizing the only way to make me to go to gym is taking group classes like I did this past week. I feel like I am not the only one suffering in those classes. Hah! But in a serious note, I hope to keep up this pace this coming week. I am sure I will have a day or two when I will skip exercise but aren’t “rest days” also important part of a work out regime? …there you go…excuses have started ***shakes head***

Until next time people! See you again next Monday!

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