Fitness Files Week 3: 21 days fix

dsc07443This is my final update from my 21 days fix on exercising daily. Did I exercise everyday last week? – NO! I barely got 4 days but I am pretty proud I got even 4 days in last week. I thought my work schedule would get better but it actually got worse. Well just one of those weeks…just like last week.  Without getting much into detail about what I did which day, I am just going to dive into what I have learnt from this “experiment”. So let’s get started!

I have come to realize that I have part Jennifer Lawrence in me. Nothing can motivate me to work out. I haven’t mentioned this anywhere but last week I bribed myself. I told myself if I get all 7 days in, I will treat myself to something nice like this ring from Vrai and Oro that I have been eyeing for ages! Yes I made a deal with myself but it failed.

I have learnt that I am better at controlling my food intake. I can control what I eat. I don’t indulge into sweet or fried food. If I do, I make sure to balance it with vegetables and greens in my next meal. I also try hard not to eat out too much. Somehow, I am motivated to eat better than working out often. Go figure!

30 minutes can feel like a lifetime when you are doing something you absolutely hate! But at the same time not much changes around you in 30 minutes.

I have bad balance. All those yoga poses – yes the ones where you have to stand on one leg and do something else with the weights in your hands all while focusing on not falling down and dropping the weights on your feet. I am bad at those.

On the other hand, I am getting way better doing push-ups and sit-ups. I don’t mind sit-ups at all. Push-ups not so much. I can also run on the treadmill longer all while keeping the same pace!

I have to admit that I do feel stronger at the same a little lighter and fresher after every work out session. I do feel great. It is just the initial push that I need and I am not sure how to make it happen.

Although my 21 days experiment is done, I am planning to continue it. I know for sure it is not going to be 7 days/week but I am planning something like 3 days a week. Sounds doable? I think so…maybe…until next time!

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