20160312_153114Old picture of one of our bike trails

I hesitated doing fitness files week 2 update because I have hit a new low. I went to gym only twice last week. I am not proud of myself. As a matter of fact I am pretty embarrassed to even write this post.

I keep losing my motivation.

Like I said in my first post of 21 days fix, I have always put exercising as the last thing on my list. Although I must say my work was overwhelming this week. Few of my coworkers were on holiday and my work load just doubled. I know it sounds like an excuse but this is  a legit one. I found myself buried in tasks. It is not that I don’t get to take breaks but I just feel a little obliged to put work first which is how it should be since I don’t go to work to use the gym. You know what I mean right? When I am at work, my work as a Software Engineer is my priority over anything else. I know I could have done some kind of exercise after work but I have been so tired and overwhelmed by this sudden extra work. I know this is just temporary and I will be fine soon.

However, I am doing pretty well food-wise. I ate out only twice last week. I didn’t indulge into anything unhealthy except for the banana bread which you probably saw on my Instagram stories. I made that solely because bananas were going bad. Just a small rescue mission there. I also had a night out with my friends which is also not recommended when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. But it is really hard to say no when you have friends in town that you haven’t met since the last 7 months. Call it an excuse but I say #friendshipMadeMeDoIt

Hopefully things will get better this week and I am back on track. I just need a little motivation and BIG yelling from someone. Wish me luck!

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