Top 3 Ice-Cream Creameries To Try This Summer

8 flavor platter from La La Homemade Ice-cream

It finally feels like proper summer here in Minneapolis. Sun stays out longer and the air feels humid. We have been spending a lot of time outdoors, soaking all the energy as much as we can and as long as we have it. We have been doing a lot of summer activities including indulging in a lot of ice-creams. I feel like it is only relevant to talk about ice creams when the weather is this perfect. There are many ice-cream parlors in Minneapolis but the following are my top 3 ice-cream creameries.

Sebastian Joe’s Ice-Cream

sebastianjoesSebastian Joe’s is a good old Minneapolis favorite to many and I doubt anything can top this one. Sebastian Joe’s currently has two locations: Lowry Hill and Linden Hills (They seem to like the hills, just kidding!)  I prefer the Linden Hills location better. This one is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods and is close to Lake Harriet! But the best part has to be the mini garden  behind the store. It is just a peaceful little place to enjoy your ice-cream. You can also find their ice-cream in a bunch of other cafes and vendors. They also serve coffee. So you can go in winter too. Not that you can’t eat ice-cream in winter unless your mum tells you not too!  They also have cakes.

Milkjam Creamery

milkjamMilkjam Creamery opened with a big bang! The month it was open, it was the talk of the town. I like this place because of it’s unique flavors. The names are equally unique. Uma Thurman, Indian Elvis (discontinued), Cereal Killer, YES PLEASE! It’s makes you want to try just because of what they are called! My favorite flavors are The Arab (discontinued), Uma Thurman and Turkish Coffee Toffee. They also have champagne floats which I have still yet to try but a lot of people seem to like it. Jam buns is another item that a lot of people seem to like it. I have tried it and unfortunately I am not a big fan of it. If you decide to go to Milkjam, be aware of long lines extending outside the door during bright sunny days!

La La Homemade Ice-Cream

lalaicecreamAnother new kid on  the block La La Homemade Ice-Cream opened it’s brick and mortar store in uptown Minneapolis just last Fall. Although this creamery is new to this neighborhood, the company has been in business since 1993. I like how this place has that vintage ice-cream parlor vibe with staffs dressed in white apron and hats. Oh and everything in this place is white. Very Instagrammable I must say! Besides serving homemade ice-creams they also serve homemade sodas along with cakes and variety of baked goods. They also have a good selection for anyone looking for gluten-free option for both baked goods and ice-creams.

Honorable mention:

Sonny’s Ice-Cream

sonnysSonny’s Ice cream gets the honorary mention! The little alleyway next to the store is all the reason you need to come eat ice-cream here. A quaint place surrounded by Italian inspired decor and plants. And flavors don’t disappoint either.

What are your favorite ice-cream parlors in town? Do mention below. I would love to hear it.

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