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There is nothing more I enjoy than trying out new coffee. I have driven my friends crazy over my obsession to try out new coffee joints in town and I never let go a chance to try local coffee shops when I am on vacation. Folks at Hackney Coffee Company  kindly sent me a bag of their speciality blends Columbia Road which I must say is one of the smoothest coffees I have tried.

DSC08351I found the blend that I received (Columbia Road) to be bit on the lighter roast side. Regardless it was still rich in taste and easy on the palate. The description of the blend does mention floral notes with hints of citrus, berries and caramel. I am assuming the combination of these three is what is bringing the rich distinctive flavor to the coffee without being too heavy.

DSC08324One thing I noticed and probably worth mentioning is the size of the coffee bag. They are not very big. They are quite smaller compared to the ones I have seen here in USA.  I actually like that. I think it gives customers the opportunity to try out couple of different blends without feeling like they are hoarding too much. And since the bags are smaller, your last scope of coffee is still fresh when you drink it! I don’t like keeping opened coffee for too long and this is a big bonus for me. You can get the coffee in whole beans or grounds and if you choose your coffee to be ground then you can even select it according to your brew method. So that it is just the right fineness and every sip that you drink is perfect! Overall I really enjoyed my coffee.

DSC08366Hackney Coffee Company is a London based coffee company. They also have a brick and mortar store housed in an iconic 1860’s building which also happens to be a location for a former brewing company in Hackney Road, London. I have heard/read many good things about the coffee and the vibe inside the cafe. So if you happen to visit or are visiting London anytime soon, do include this cafe in your itinerary. It is in mine for sure. And if you are not traveling anytime soon but want to try it, you can order it online anytime. Use the code friendsofhackney at checkout to get 20% of your overall purchase. Enjoy!

In collaboration with Hackney Coffee Company.


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