Apple and Halloumi Flatbreads

When life gives you apples, you eat them!

The kind folks at Stemilt Growers sent their newest brand of apples called the Rave; a cross between Honeycrisp and MonArk apples. They are extremely juicy with a refreshing sweet-tart taste with a pretty loud crunch. You could eat them straight as it is but I decided to use them on a flatbread. I found a recipe for Apple and Halloumi Flatbreads on the Stemilt Growers’ website and boy was my dinner fun and easy last night!  You can find the recipe here. The only thing I did differently was use regular cayenne pepper instead of Aleppo peppers and of course use Rave apples instead of Piñata apples.

Stemilt does recommend using the apples in fresh preparation versus cooking or baking as they tend to break down easily. And in all honesty, I think you wouldn’t want to cook them once you try them fresh.

Rave apples were developed by the same researcher who developed the now famous Honeycrisp apples, right here in University of Minnesota! Rave apples are available only for a short period of time from now till the end of August and will be available in Minneapolis Hy-Vee retailers. So go and grab them before they are gone!

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